Monday, March 7, 2011

child mind, beginner mind...

Sitting in a circle of learners and teachers for two days straight and my smile muscles hurt. We listened to poetry, we wrote, we laughed, we celebrated babies who are coming into the world very soon, we celebrated an engagement and we said our goodbyes until next month. We are studying poetry and education for this class and it is so exciting. I can't wait to put the learning into place with my classes this spring.
Our teacher spoke about Emily Dickenson and read some of her work to us. I sat with child mind drinking in every word. It is so easy to be in class with beginner mind ready to learn what ever I can.

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  1. When you are young new information is constantly being streamed through you. Young children love to learn new things. Eliseo claps every time he learns something new these days... Then there seems to comes a time/age that the learning is a chore. But later on learning comes around to being a joy again.

    I like Earl Grey tea. :)